Server Update – 15/04/2019

Artifacts can no longer be found by random digging Fixed Bag of Holding spell failing to work on magic chests All jewelry damage and protection spells can now be cast by priests of all gods Crusaders kingdom temporarily removed from heraldic certificate as the art was removed from 1.9 client due to copyright issues Existing …

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Server Update – 13/04/2019

Fixed issues with using crystal of eternal flame to smelt things in piles on the ground Updated taxidermy to work with new animal colors Fixed taxidermied hell horses, hens and rooster display issues The following additional items can now be waxed to preserve like food: Cotton Clams

Server Update – 10/04/2019

Difficulty of archaeology caches was on a low testing setting that i forgot to change, oops! They are now significantly harder to find. “Store favor in a gem” journal entry can now be completed with draining for lib priests. Rift creatures are not affected by libila passive (that makes monsters neutral). Jewelry enchants can now …

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WU Update

Server has been updated to WU patch notes: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/169510-patch-notes-1915/ Modded patch notes below (and there’s a lot of them!) New character creation system Now when creating a new character on Otherlands you will be presented with a server selection in the same screen as picking your gender. A handy option to skip the new …

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Server Update – 04/01/2019

Village tokens can now be painted only by mayor or citizens with manage permissions Evergreen twig can now be used on marsh tiles Fixed some typos. Praise Yon \o/

Server Update – 14/12/2018

Lovely Grove changed to work on trellises within its range, aging them to mature (if lower), de-aging to very old (if above that), and allowing to be harvested out of season Implemented new xmas present You will be able to receive it from Santa or christmas trees starting the afternoon on the 23rd

Server Update – 28/11/2018

Fixed altar of youth not working correctly underground Fixed error when merging archaeology journals with duplicate reports Fixed archaeology reports overwriting inscribed paper or almanac reports