Taxidermy System

  • New item: Taxidermy kit. Start by using shaft on square piece of cloth (for full recipe check the ingame recipes window).
  • Taxidermy kits can be used to preserve¬†corpses as decorations. To preserve a corpse – it needs to be in your inventory, activate a taxidermy kit and right click it.
  • Preserved corpses count as decorations, can be planted and won’t decay on deed.
  • Creation of taxidermy kits and preserving both use Fine Carpentry skill. Stronger creatures are harder to preserve and a failure can damage or even destroy the body.
  • When preserving you can choose the way the result will look:
    • Lying – looks like the normal corpse
    • Butchered (assuming it exists in the game, otherwise you get generic meat and bones pile)
    • Animated – looks like the creature standing and doing it’s idle animation. This costs 1000 karma in addition to the kit.