Terraforming changes

  • You can dig, level, flatten, pave and pack while riding a cart.
  • Items from digging will pile on the ground or go into your cart (and into crates if you have them).
  • Leveling will use dirt or sand from your cart and crates in it.
  • Items from dredging will be stored in ship cargo.
  • Clay, tar, peat and moss produce 20kg per dig action.
  • Cave walls and floors can be reinforced by using a mallet, if you have don’t have a support beam in your inventory or cart but have the materials to make one – they will be used to reinforce in one action.
  • Ore veins¬†can be removed by deed owners using a large maul, doing so will produce some large chunks of low ql ore.
  • Resource tiles (tar, peat, clay) can be removed by deed owners