Religions and Meditation

  • Faith and Meditation gains are not limited per day
  • Priest restrictions and penalties removed
  • All spells require a maximum of 90 favour
  • Lowered delay between path levels by factor of 10
  • No failing to relax when meditating
  • Chance to get a rare bone when sacrificing rares
  • Vynora priests with over 60 faith will receive a 20% speed bonus when piloting boats and ships
  • Enchant grass ability removed from Path of Love and is now available to WL priests as a spell
  • Path of Love followers instead get a new ability on level 7 – Lovely Grove
    • Works in a 5×5 area
    • Ages sprouts and young trees and bushes to mature
    • Rejuvenates older trees and bushes to “old” status
    • Cures infected trees and bushes
    • Makes trees and bushes produce new sprouts
    • Makes trees and bushes harvestable regardless of season
    • Spreads flowers in all tiles that aren’t occupied by trees or bushes
  • Sermons will push alignment towards the listeners god preference, regardless of performers deity. (So lib get negative, even if listening to WL, and vice versa)
  • Rite of Spring gives sleep bonus to all followers of the same deity as the caster, including offline players
  • Colossi of all gods can now be built by all players, regardless of faith

Spell changes

  • Blessing of the dark favor cost reduced to 50
  • Bless favor cost reduced to 5
  • Casting Dirt on a container will create up to 100 dirts
  • Some WL spells usable are now usable by Libila priests:
    • Life transfer
    • Mind stealer
    • Dirt
    • Strongwall
    • Lurker in the X spells
  • Charm and dominate now works on most creatures.

New spells

  • Bag of Holding – can be cast on containers and vehicles to increase their capacity.
  • Cleanse – can be cast on your deed to completely remove fungus and infected trees.
  • Shadow Gift – Libila version of Genesis.


  • New /stitles command can let you pick your sorcery title from all the ones you earned and shows which sorcery items you’re missing.

Coalesced Magic

  • Adds new items¬† that can be used on an enchanted item to improve the power of one of the enchants (selected at random)
  • Coalesced magic items come in 6 tiers:
    • speck of magic – improves a random enchant by 5 up to [70]
    • mote of magic – improves a random enchant by 3 up to [90]
    • sliver of magic – improves a random enchant by 1 up to [95]
    • shard of magic – improves a random enchant by 1 up to [100]
    • fragment of magic – improves a random enchant by 1 up to [125]
    • essence of magic – improves a random enchant by 1 up to [150]
  • Lower tier items can be combined together to create higher tier ones (e.g. 2x mote of magic =>sliver of magic)
  • Higher tier items can be used to improve the power to levels not reachable by normal casting
  • Coalesced magic can be obtained from killing monsters, the drop chance and tier of the reward depend on the difficulty of the monster and channeling skill
  • Coalesced magic will also be awarded to all participants upon completion of a mission, with higher difficulty missions awarding better items