Archaeology changes

  • Reduced the amount of junk fragments you get across the board, with even further reduction at high skills and good tiles. In general you will get less junk and more interesting stuff.
  • The following fragments will no longer drop at all:
    • All weapon and tool heads/blades, all shards, all ores, slate/pottery shingles, nails, ribbons
  • Fragments can now be discarded (right click -> discard). Please stop littering.
  • All archaeology statues now require 40 fragments to assemble

Archaeology reports and journals

  • When you discover the location, name and additional details about an old settlement – it will be written down in a “report” if you have a sheet of paper on you.
  • If you already have an existing report on that settlement – the new information will be added to it.
  • Reports have “quality” which starts at 10 and increases as you fill in more details, up to 100.
  • Having a report while investigating will give a bonus to finding fragments. The bonus increases with quality.
  • You can read reports and all recorded details using “examine”.
  • You can use reports to get directions to the settlement, the accuracy will increase for higher quality reports and as you get closer.
  • You can make a copy of a report by activating it and right clicking a sheet of paper.
  • Reports can be filed into Archaeology Journals (paper sheet + cloth of string to start, uses leatherworking to craft/imp).
  • Reports made on other servers can’t be read and will give a generic message, you need to be on the same map as the settlement was to read the report.

Archaeology journals “merge”

  • Both journals need to be in your inventory, activate one click the other and choose Merge
  • Reports that exist in both journals will be used to fill in missing details from each other
  • Reports that are only in one will be copied over to the other (need blank paper)