Gameplay changes

  • Custom starting inventory (30ql chain set + 2H sword, 20ql tools, sickle, butchering knife, 50ql toolbelt, 4 ropes + standard crap)
  • Walking speed and weight limits increased a bit
  • Increased stat gains (including above 31)
  • Increased gains for some skills, notably: weapon smithing
  • Many actions that ignored the action speed multiplier were changed to correctly apply it
    • Flatten, Level, Meditation, Praying, Sacrificing, Spells, Sowing, and multiple other misc actions
  • Forges, ovens, etc. produce ash while burning and can be examined to see remaining burn time
  • /random rolls are now broadcast in 10 tile radius and go into their own tab
  • Moving items between bulk containers is significantly faster


  • Kingdom server and global channels are disabled, instead there is a single Global channel shared between all kingdoms and servers
  • Global channel is also accessible out of game though our discord server (#gamechat channel)
  • CA Help is enabled by default for new characters, can be disabled in profile

Mounts and Vehicles

  • All mounts can carry more weight to account for increased weight limits on players, also weight traits are stronger
  • Horses, Carts, Wagons are faster and can enter deeper water
  • All boats are faster and less affected by wind, can go over shallower water
  • Aggressive creatures can be hitched to carts (while tamed), they will stay hitched if untamed, not attack players and won’t be attacked by guards.
  • Vynora priests with over 60 faith will receive a 20% speed bonus when piloting boats and ships

Animals and breeding

  • Rainbow unicorns – 16777216 color variations!
  • Unicorns get random names like horses and hell horses, but using a … different generator
  • Unicorns can also be groomed
  • All animals will age quickly up to adolescent age (except chickens and a few other special creatures)
  • Animals can be exchanged into tokens for easy transportation, tokens can be loaded into ships (corbita and larger) and moved between servers)
  • Added warning for inbreeding
  • Players with >50 animal husbandry and taming skills can now lead and ride unicorns without taming and will not be aggroed by hell horses.
  • Animals that were born in captivity are easier to breed

Farming, gardening and forestry tweaks

  • Crops never turn to weeds
  • Can harvest and plant when mounted or riding a vehicle
  • Can cultivate, sow, farm and harvest an area in one action depending on skill
    • Can harvest and replant in one action – when using this one of the harvested crops will be used to replant the tile
    • To sow an area – put seeds or crops in any container, activate it and right click the ground
    • When harvesting an area – crops will be automatically combined in your inventory
    • Required skills:
      3×3 5×5 7×7
      Cultivate 30 50 70
      Sow 50 70 90
      Farm 30 50 70
      Harvest 50 70 90
      Replant 50 70 90
  • New /seasons command to show next harvesting seasons
  • More items can be planted in planters: Nettles, sassafras, woad, cocoa bean, nutmeg, blueberry, lingonberry, raspberries, all mushrooms
  • Planters in planter racks can be mass harvested (requires 50 gardening skill) and planted (70 skill)
  • Infected trees and bushes can be harvested when in season
    • Note: Vanilla client will not display them as harvestable when hovered. You can use my tooltip mod and toggle “showSpecialTreesHarvestable” to true.

Cooking tweaks

  • High complexity food will now give higher nutrition gain
  • Players with high Carbs value will receive a bonus to Mind skill gain and it’s subskills
  • Players with high Proteins value will receive a bonus to Body skill gain and it’s subskills
  • Examining food will now show more detailed CCFP and nutrition info
  • New system for easily filling ingredients for recipes you already know
  • Stills have been sped up and their speed scales with QL

Natural substances

  • Dye creation QL will is less random and more dependent on skill and material QL
  • Woad, Cochineal and Acorns can now be combined for easier dye making
  • All weapons, tools and shoulderpads are now dyeable

Sorcery Titles

  • New command: /stitles – lets you change sorcery titles and shows what tomes you are missing