• 13 craftable shoulder pads types + 3 from Halloween event
  • The shoulder pads are divided into 4 groups that give different bonuses (see below)
  • You can equip both shoulder pads of the same type and the bonus will stack, or mix and match from different types
  • All shoulder pads can be improved and repaired
  • Check the recipe window in game for recipes
  • Some types have different left/right item, and some can be worn on either shoulder
  • Bonus is scaling with QL and rarity. Numbers below are for 100ql normal shoulder pads, each rarity level (rare/supreme/fantastic) adds +20 effective QL worth of bonus.
Spellcasting penalty reduction from heavy armor up to 40%
Small shoulder pad Double shoulder pad Curved shoulder pad Human skull shoulder pad
(Halloween event)
Archery penalty reduction from heavy armor up to 40%
Triple shoulder pad Elaborate shoulder pad
Incoming damage reduction up to 5%
Chain shoulder pad Ribboned shoulder pad Basic shoulder pad Shielding shoulder pad Layered shoulder pad Skull shoulder pad
(Halloween event)
Weapon damage bonus up to 5%
Exquisite shoulder pad Dragon shoulder pad Stylish shoulder pad Pumpkin shoulder pad
(Halloween event)