Server Update – 22/06/2020


This update adds the new Planters mod created by me and Wurm Art & Coding team.

  • Planters can be made from wood or stone, you can see the recipes from your recipes window (N by default)
  • All existing crops and mushrooms can be planted in them
  • Planters can grow rice and reed (which usually need water, and don’t grow in WO planters)
  • Planters can grow anywhere, in houses or in caves
  • Planters follow the same growth cycle and times as normal fields on our server and produce similar yields
  • During winter planters that are outside will be visually covered with snow, but that does not affect the crops growing in them

Magic Mushrooms

  • Magic mushrooms are a special new mushroom, they are grown in their own type of planters and instead of sowing you throw some Source Salt in them
  • When growing while being untended there’s a 20% chance that they will become wilted
  • When consumed magic mushrooms provide some favor regeneration, karma and… other interesting effects


  • Tree stumps can be dug up with a shovel, which will give you a stump item
  • Stumps are used to craft magic mushroom planters and can also be just used as decorations
  • They can be dyed and will not decay on deed if planted/secured

Wicker Baskets


This mod also adds some decorative baskets – empty, with cloth and with mixed and magic mushrooms

  • All the above are craftable from shafts, thatch and some other items
  • Empty and with cloth version can be used as containers, the other 2 are purely decorative
  • Magic mushroom baskets emit light and particle effects
  • All baskets can be dyed, with the cloth parts dyeable separately

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