Magic Jewelry

  • Ring of the warrior (up to +2 CR bonus)
  • Ring of stamina (less drain, up to 30%)
  • Ring of dodging (increases chance, up to 10%)
  • Necklace of focus (easier to focus in combat, up to 20%)
  • Necklace of replenishment (reduces food and water drain, up to 30%)


  • Magic jewelry can be crafted using seryll, star gems and a new rare reagent dropping from monsters on the rift islands.
  • Magic jewelry can be improved with JS and repaired.
  • Bonuses scale with QL linearly (so if you get 30% at 100ql, you’ll get 3% at 10ql).
  • Rare items will provide higher bonuses (the numbers above are for non-rare 100ql)
  • Items have charges. A charge is consumed every time you equip the item then 1 per hour afterwards.
  • Can be deactivated which will remove the bonus and stop consuming charges. Upon reactivation a charge will be consumed if more than an hour passed since the last charge was used.
  • Items can be recharged using gems, 10ql per hour. Recharging will also damage the item.
  • Items can recharged using Valrei items (the random named items dropped by Valrei creatures), at 1 hour per item, regardless of QL.