Custom and modded items

New weapons

  • Light spear – can be used one handed with a shield. Faster and deals less damage than 2h versions. Can be made from either wood or metal staff + spear head.
  • Warhammer – 1 handed weapon with about the same damage as a longsword, uses warhammers skill. Made with large maul head + shaft.

New equipment

  • More helmet options – all the following are craftable and provide the same protection level as a steel greathelm:
    • Circlet of protection (Jewelcrafting)
    • Reinforced flower hat (Cloth tailoring)
    • Horned helmet (Plate armour smithing)
    • Plumed helmet (Plate armour smithing)
  • The following drops from uniques are now improvable and also provide the same protection:
    • Goblin war bonnet (Goblin Leader)
    • Crown of the troll king (Troll King)
  • New craftable shoulderpads
  • New craftable magic jewelry

New trader items

  • Piping kit – Allows a fountain or well placed anywhere to auto-fill with water like on a water tile
  • Heraldic certificate – Can be used to change the kingdom emblem on items and wagons
    • Supports all base kingdoms and PMKs that have their own imagery
    • Works on: Guard towers, tabards, wagons, flags, banners (both types), military tents and pavilions (some items have art only for some kingdoms).
    • Also can be used to make wagons to look like wagoner wagons (full or empty)
  • HotA voucher – can be redeemed for HotA statue of choice
  • Brown potion – gives 1 random affinity point
  • Silver scalpel – allows to change character sex
  • Bridge reconstruction contract – can be used to change the material of a bridge (excluding rope and wood bridges)
  • Dragon armor dye kit – Can be used to change color of drake/scale armor (8 charges)
  • Rift decoration voucher – can be redeemed for decorative rift items.

Bulk container changes

  • Crates are larger – 1000 items in large, 250 in small
  • BSBs, FSBs and Bulk Storage Units now items into separate stacks based on QL. The stacks are separated into 10 QL gaps below 90, and 1 QL gaps above.
  • You can cast Bless on BSB and FSB to disable sorting, on BSU shelves you can right click and toggle sorting from the menu.
  • Allow for transfer of all items between bulk containers

Special craftable items

  • Items that are normally not craftable in vanilla can be crafted by players:
    • Spyglasses
    • Soft caps (AKA santa hat)
    • Saddle sacks (the christmas version from WO)
  • New item: Wood essence – Can be applied to wood items to change their material
    • Created from log + source crystal, will take the material of the log, uses Natural substances skill

Crystals of Permafrost (2017 xmas gift)

  • Can be used on water to make snowballs
  • Can be used on hot items to instantly cool them
  • Can be used on snowman to repair them
  • Can be used on arcane shards to turn them into another Crystal of Permafrost

Crystal of Eternal Flame

  • Can be created from 20 fragments dropped by fire cats, hell chicks, lava fiends, lava spiders, hell hounds and hell scorps
  • Using the crystal on lamps, lanterns, forges, ovens, etc. will light them up instantly and fuel them magically to the maximum
  • Using on other items will heat them up to glowing hot instantly

Legacy items available on traders:

  • Old presents from WO: Garden gnome (both types), yule goat/reindeer, valentines, fireworks, picnic basket, snow lantern, etc.
  • Yellow potions – gives temporary illusion
  • Silver mirror – allows to change character looks
  • Bag of Keeping – tiny containers that stays with you after death
  • Sculpting Wand – allows lowering terrain in places that normal methods can’t