Happy Easter!

Easter is here, and with it the Easter bunnies have arrived to litter our lands with their weird, colored, eggs!You can find eggs just laying on the ground, by foraging (once per character) and even in some creature dens. The bunnies have slain the scary troll king and mystery glowing eggs have appeared across the …

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Server Update – 10/01/2020

Added new command /deeds – shows all villages you are in on all servers and how much upkeep they have left Added “Amytis Theophrastus” title for 100 gardening – grats ladybug! Fixed a bug that caused xmas snowmans sometimes to not display their snowballs correctly Fixed rift decoration voucher not allowing selecting Rift stone 3/4

Merry Christmas!

Santa and julbords are now available at each spawn town and you can get your presents! The present for this year is a Festive Chest – a special bigger and cooler version of a magic chest, and it comes with a new snowman inside! This snowman when placed on your land will produce a snowball …

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Server Update – 21/12/2019

Added this year’s christmas present You will be able to receive it from Santa or christmas trees starting the afternoon on the 23rd Added “Joong Bong Banger” title for 100 staff skill – grats Redock! Added new item: Crown of protection Made and improved with jewelry smithing (check recipe window for full recipe) Provides protection …

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Trick or Treat

Ominous gravestones have appeared across the land.Treats (and tricks!) await brave adventurers that can defeat the monstrosities guarding them! Also a new spooky craftable helmet has been added 🎃 Craftable from carved pumpkin + greathelm Provides same protection as a greathelm Keeps the material of the greathelm used to craft Improves using platesmithing Note: Client …

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Server Update – 19/07/2019

Added “Butcher of Otherlands” title for 100 butchering skill – grats Avatar! Removed “Catch a disease” requirement from On the Highway journal tier as it was stupid and annoying Fixed an issue on the skill ranking page that was causing some player skills to show a lower value than in game