Upcoming Event

Quad Unique Hunt – February 24th at 19:00 UTC


General Information

  • 3 servers – Walden, Avalon (Freedom) and Otherland (Horde of the summoned)
  • Free travel between the servers via portals at the starter deeds or boats
  • Libila and WL gods are available on both servers and to both kingdoms.
  • Skills and stats start at 20 (21 for ML and BC)
  • 10x skills and action timers multiplier
  • 2048×2048 custom map
  • 36000 creatures, 50% aggressive
  • CR modifier set to 3
  • Deeds cost silver and upkeep is ENABLED (but see below – you get free 5s for deeding)
  • Fast animal pregnancies and farm growth
  • Many aspects of the game have been changed, modified and improved, see the links below for all the info.
  • Servers is hosted in a datacenter in Germany on a physical server i rent.
  • Offsite backup to Google Cloud Storage every 6 hours

Server Rules

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. All servers are PVE. Griefing and harassment are not allowed.
  3. Players are responsible for securing their stuff. Everything not properly secured is considered free game.
  4. If you find a bug – report it, don’t abuse it.
  5. All client mods are allowed as long as they aren’t actively disruptive to the community or the server itself.
  6. See rule #1