General Information

  • 4 servers – Walden, Avalon, Nysa (Freedom) and Otherland (Horde of the summoned)
  • Free travel between the servers via portals at the starter deeds or boats
  • Libila and WL gods are available on all servers and to both kingdoms.
  • Skills and stats start at 20 (21 for ML and BC)
  • 10x skills and action timers multiplier
  • 2048×2048 custom maps
  • 36000 creatures, 50% aggressive
  • CR modifier set to 3
  • Deeds cost silver and upkeep is ENABLED (but see below – you get free 5s for deeding)
  • Fast animal pregnancies and farm growth
  • Many aspects of the game have been changed, modified and improved, see the links below for all the info.
  • Servers are hosted in a datacenter in Germany on a physical server i rent.
  • Offsite backup to Google Cloud Storage every 4 hours

Server Rules

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. All servers are PVE. Griefing and harassment are not allowed.
  3. Players are responsible for securing their stuff. Everything not properly secured is considered free game.
  4. If you find a bug – report it, don’t abuse it.
  5. All client mods are allowed as long as they aren’t actively disruptive to the community or the server itself.
  6. Do not advertise unrelated out-of-game goods or services in public chat or discord.
  7. See rule #1