Path of Power

1 Initiate What is the ultimate purpose of power? To achieve personal freedom
2 Gatherer What is money? Money is mainly energy
3 Greedy In large amounts, what of these things is the most certain route to power for an unknown person? Money
4 Strong What is the main reason that people strive for power and money? To gain control over their lives
5 Released What is the safest way of getting rid of your enemy? Conquer them
6 Unafraid If power is a sword, what do I need to swing it? Courage
7 Brave What is the biggest risk of my gaining power? That I become a coward
8 Performer How do I best control other people while releasing their energy? Give them limited power
9 Liberator Will I loose my power if I am dishonest? Usually not
10 Force Why am I in power? I am better
11 Vibrant Light Which of these are blocked from achieving ultimate power? None
12 12th Sovereign Which of these is the least working tactic when bringing someone down socially? Ridiculing the person
13 13th Sovereign Which is most powerful? Being very rich
14 14th Sovereign How do you best assume control of a democracy? Run for office using a reasonable philosophic base with solutions to contemporary problems
15 15th Sovereign How do you best assume control of the whole world? Assume control of some super-state organization and increase its influence
16 16th Sovereign How do you best control your partner? Igniting Love
17 17th Sovereign What is the main reason society works? Monopoly of Violence
18 18th Sovereign What is the purpose of violence? To achieve a purpose