Path of Insanity

1 Initiate How come some people are rich and some are poor? Life is unfair
2 Disturbed Who has most control of my fate? The stars
3 Crazed If I win the lottery, what determined it? Simple luck
4 Deranged A horse slips and kills the rider. What happened? Chance struck
5 Sicko Who of these are usually hiding something A silent person
6 Mental Do I have a free will? Yes
7 Psycho Must I treat others as I want to be treated myself? Always
8 Beast These roads, mines and houses are Basically unnatural
9 Maniac Who usually has most incentive to attack a normal person like me? The government
10 Drooling What best describes humankind? Evil
11 Gone What best describes my life? Totally meaningless
12 12th Eidolon Who committed the crime? The rich guy
13 13th Eidolon He worries about someone therefor he ___ the person cares about
14 14th Eidolon The poor are more trustworthy
15 15th Eidolon Good people will often love you
16 16th Eidolon You have no friends because you are superior
17 17th Eidolon You should always vote for what benefits you most
18 18th Eidolon It is better to stick to your principles