Path of Hate

1 Initiate What is hate? A need
2 Ridiculous What is the best thing that comes from hate? Energy
3 Envious What is the worst thing that hate can bring? It can kill me
4 Hateful What type of hate is the weakest? Hate based on fear
5 Finger How can I best strengthen my hate? By finding proof
6 Sheep What is the best use of my hate? To resolve my problems
7 Snake Who is in control of my aggression? Anyone who knows about it
8 Shark How do I best control my hate? With the truth
9 Infection What is the best effect of displaying aggression? Fear
10 Swarm When should I get rid of my hate? If I loose out
11 Free When have I mastered my hate? When I can loose it at will
12 12th Harbinger What is the most beneficial aspect of blind hate? It lets you survive by striking first
13 13th Harbinger Which is the most important enemy to strike down? The enemy which tries to like me
14 14th Harbinger Which of these is most successful in controlling any number of people? Masterful psychology
15 15th Harbinger Which of these diminishes the power of hate most? Believing in the concept of an afterlife
16 16th Harbinger What will increase the effect of your hate most? People who believe in you
17 17th Harbinger What is the difference between hate and anger? Action
18 18th Harbinger Which hate is the strongest? Feeling of injustice