Server Update – 19/07/2019

Added “Butcher of Otherlands” title for 100 butchering skill – grats Avatar! Removed “Catch a disease” requirement from On the Highway journal tier as it was stupid and annoying Fixed an issue on the skill ranking page that was causing some player skills to show a lower value than in game

Server Update – 02/05/2019

Altar of youth can now be improved when not heated New item: Arcane candle – looks like a normal candle but never burns out Made with arcane shard + wax. Uses natural substances skill.

Server Update – 26/04/2019

New item: Tool Bag Can hold all the big tools (rake, scythe, diotra, fishing poles, etc.) Made with leatherworking – check in game recipes screen for recipe Can be equipped in back slot (but looks like a normal backpack) Fixed feeding hand to not un-chop vegetables when filling chicken coop feeders.

Server Update – 15/04/2019

Artifacts can no longer be found by random digging Fixed Bag of Holding spell failing to work on magic chests All jewelry damage and protection spells can now be cast by priests of all gods Crusaders kingdom temporarily removed from heraldic certificate as the art was removed from 1.9 client due to copyright issues Existing …

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Server Update – 13/04/2019

Fixed issues with using crystal of eternal flame to smelt things in piles on the ground Updated taxidermy to work with new animal colors Fixed taxidermied hell horses, hens and rooster display issues The following additional items can now be waxed to preserve like food: Cotton Clams