Server Update – 04/01/2019

Village tokens can now be painted only by mayor or citizens with manage permissions Evergreen twig can now be used on marsh tiles Fixed some typos. Praise Yon \o/

Server Update – 14/12/2018

Lovely Grove changed to work on trellises within its range, aging them to mature (if lower), de-aging to very old (if above that), and allowing to be harvested out of season Implemented new xmas present You will be able to receive it from Santa or christmas trees starting the afternoon on the 23rd

Server Update – 28/11/2018

Fixed altar of youth not working correctly underground Fixed error when merging archaeology journals with duplicate reports Fixed archaeology reports overwriting inscribed paper or almanac reports

Server Update – 23/11/2018

Added Apocalypse Order graphics to heraldic certificate – can be used on tabards, flags, banners, tall banners, wagons and military tents Feeding Hand can now feed grazing animals that are underground or on tiles that they can’t graze on Libilla priests can now “Repossess” zombies that have been untamed or went rogue Ominous gravestones event …

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Server Update – 20/10/2018

Sorcery tomes with multiple charges can now be split into separate items Halloween mobs can no longer be rebirthed or dominated (it doesn’t work right because of their special AI) Ominous gravestones will repair the packed tiles around them when disappearing Added pet evil tree and pumpkin monster (from rare mystery eggs)

Server Update – 19/10/2018

Redeeming an animal token that’s branded to a different village will now remove the brand Examining an animal token will now show the full examine text Unicorn random name generator has been restored to its former glory All masks are now dyeable Added halloween event content