Server Update – 12/08/2018

Fixed unintentional suicides from draining yourself Draining yourself is no longer affected by deed permissions Overflow items from praying with full inventory will no longer drop to the ground, instead they are immediately destroyed

Server Update – 20/07/2018

Rare (and higher) coalesced magic items will now add 2 more enchant power per level of rarity. e.g. rare sliver will add 3 power, supreme mote will add 7. Fixed bounties for custom creatures (firecats and hell chicken) Fixed incorrect message when merging coalesced magic items Fixed knapsack equipping weirdness Fixed open fireplaces not being correctly …

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Server Update – 06/07/2018

Crystal of Eternal Flame fragments will now drop more often in general, and have a guaranteed drop from champion lava/hell creatures Added 6 different decorative fern plants, craftable with woodscrap + mixed grass Added the anniversary champagne and knapsacks that were given out in WO back in 2016 They come in random rarities and the …

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WU 1.7 Update!

Server has been updated to WU – read the full change log here. Regarding new vanilla features Item Placement (on tables) The new vanilla system was fully integrated with the existing mod You can place items using the mouse with new Place action, or the old way with “Put on top” You can move …

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Server Update – 09/06/2018

All archaeology statues now require 40 fragments to assemble New item: crystal of eternal flame Can be created from 20 fragments dropped by fire cats, hell chicks, lava fiends, lava spiders, hell hounds and hell scorps Using the crystal on lamps, lanterns, forges, ovens, etc. will light them up instantly and fuel them magically to …

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Server Update – 19/05/2018

CA Help replaced with Help channel connected to discord CA Help channel has been removed, all CAs have been summarily executed for slackerdom New channel called “Help” added, like Global it is shared between all servers and connected to discord (#help) Please refrain from general chatter in Help channel so that the questions don’t get lost …

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Server Update – 12/05/2018

Fixed issue with decorative pets leaving ghosts behind when removed from surfaces Decorative pets can now be secured and turned on the ground Fixed players being able to turn items placed on surfaces without permission Items can now be placed on fine high chairs