Server Update – 08/07/2020

  • Added infected planters
    • The infection is purely cosmetic (doesn’t affect what’s growing in them) – they will look decayed regardless of damage and use mycelium texture instead of dirt/farmland
    • Followers of black light gods can infect a normal planter
    • Followers of white light gods can cleanse an infected planter returning it to normal
    • Infected magic planters will emit red light instead of teal
  • You can now use area actions with large planters like normal farming (Cultivate, Sow, Farm, Harvest, Harvest and Replant)
    • To perform area actions on planters you need to click the planter it will be centered on, not the tile under it!
    • Required farming skill:
        3×3 5×5 7×7
      Cultivate 30 50 70
      Sow 50 70 90
      Farm 30 50 70
      Harvest 50 70 90
      Replant 50 70 90
  • Added area actions for trees and trellises (Plant, Prune, Pick Sprout and Harvest)
    • Trellises require gardening for all actions
    • Trees require forestry skill except for planting which requires gardening
    • Required skill level:
        3×3 5×5 7×7
      Plant 50 70 90
      Pick Sprout 30 50 70
      Prune 30 50 70
      Harvest 50 70 90
  • Evergreen Twig can now be used to spread Lawn
  • All area actions can now be used when riding a mount or driving a cart
  • Fixed planters timer going weird when no planters are active on the server
  • Changed plural names for planters to be more specific (for missions)
  • Improved permission checks for planters in villages
  • Tweaked stump volume to better fit in carts/vehicles

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