Path of Knowledge

1 Initiate What is knowledge? Information that I have accepted as a fact
2 Eager What best constitutes a fact? Anything I accept as the truth
3 Explorer Is there any absolute truth? Only what I decide to see within me
4 Sheetfolder How do I best prepare myself to learn things? I initially accept everything as fact and try to constantly verify it
5 Desertmind What is the most important product of knowledge? Fearlessness
6 Observer What constitutes a professional? Someone who is paid
7 Bookkeeper Which of these is the most certain way to rise above the crowd? To really learn the details
8 Mud-dweller What do I do when I have too little knowledge to make the best choice? Usually you could toss a coin
9 Thought Eater How important is knowledge of history? It can help
10 Crooked What is required to make good decisions? Fairly logical thinking
11 Enlightened What will make my knowledge useless? Inactivity
12 12th Hierophant Which of these is a requirement for truly working knowledge? That there is no randomness in the world
13 13th Hierophant What knowledge is most valuable? To see what it is that you actually do to the world and the people around you
14 14th Hierophant What is the best path to understanding a particular human behaviour? By understanding how the behaviour is supposed to benefit the individual in question
15 15th Hierophant What is the best path to understanding a particular function in society? By investigating how the function is supposed to benefit everyone
16 16th Hierophant What is the ultimate purpose of gaining knowledge? To achieve happiness
17 17th Hierophant Who of these has the most valuable knowledge? The Lover
18 18th Hierophant Why does society care about knowledge? To survive