Path of Love

1 Initiate What is love? It is a spring
2 Nice Without which can love not survive? Respect
3 Gentle Which of these negates love? Contempt
4 Warm How do I love someone more? I accept
5 Goodhearted What makes love grow most? Time
6 Giving What should I say to best strengthen existing love? I love you
7 Rock What is the best reason to ask someone I love to change? To preserve balance
8 Splendid What do I need to do to love everyone? Accept humankind
9 Protector Which of these is the biggest failure in love? Not protecting your love
10 Respectful What of these will ultimately make love fail? Lack of patience
11 Saint What is the biggest act of love? Setting free
12 12th Deva Are there people who can love you no matter what? Yes. There are such people
13 13th Deva What do I really have to fight in myself in order to be a loving person? Envy
14 14th Deva What best describes a business? It provides a service in much need
15 15th Deva What best describes society? A way for people to cooperate in order to reduce overall pain
16 16th Deva Being which of these gives you least friends? annoying
17 17th Deva Which of these will always block love? principles
18 18th Deva Which of these is a side effect of love? vulnerability