Combat and Exploration

  • Speed enchants (WoA/BotD) on melee weapons are significantly more powerful
  • Increased creature spawn variety, many creatures can spawn as champions or other statuses that they normally couldn’t
  • Mounts and hitched animals are protected from other players, overzealous templars and hunting carnivores

Unique monsters changes

  • Increased drake/dragon difficulty, rewarded hide/scale amounts scales better with number of players (more players = more loot for everyone)
  • Increased Goblin Leader size and difficulty
  • Participation in a unique kill can also rarely award you with a sorcery tome or a pet egg that will appear directly in your inventory.
  • Creatures can no longer eat unique corpses so pets can be freely used at hunts

New creatures

Firecats – mean burning kitties that are even meaner because they can’t play with yarn due to being burning. Drop charcoal and pelts in addition to the usual stuff. Difficulty similar to lava spiders.

Hell Chick – The foulest fowl in wurm. Beg, mean, carnivorous, fiery chickens. Slightly easier than firectats.

Creature lairs

Creature lairs/dens can be searched for treasure. Beware of the dwellers being not too happy about that

Treasure chests

When exploring the lands of otherlands you will sometimes encounter treasure chests. They contain useful materials, gems, coins and if you are very lucky you might be able to find a rare bone or a sorcery tome in one.

Some chests need to be “claimed” before you can open them, and will award you with karma for doing so.

Rift Islands

On each server there is a special island that contains significantly harder monsters and appropriately bigger rewards for killing them.

Rewards include increased bounties, moon metals, rift materials that can be used to make runes and arcane shards that can be used in magic jewelry.

You can find the island by looking for a red beam in the sky or a skull icon on the map.