Server Update – 17/08/2020

  • Salesman and Bartenders added to Origin (Nysa starter deed)
  • Compasses can now be made using any cooking oil, not just olive
  • Wood Essence recipe changed – now uses sprout instead of log (so you can make them in bush types)
  • Deer can now be groomed
  • Added MailMerchants¬†mod by Budda
    • Allows accessing merchants remotely through a mailbox
    • For a merchant to be accessible it needs to be on the same tile as an enchanted mailbox, or placed on a permanent village (starting deeds for each server)
  • Added paintings mod by Coldie
    • Adds decorative paintings and stained glass
    • For paintings search your crafting window for “Framed Portrait” / “Framed Landscape” – the image can be selected after the item is created
    • For stained glass look for “Window Portrait” numbered 1-10 (you can see the images on coldie’s thread on the forums)

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