Town Portals system

Player-made portals that can be placed in your town and used to teleport to other places that you are connected to on the highway network.

  • Start by crafting an Inactive town portal (portal+marble brick to start).
  • Place the portal on your deed, right click it and activate.
  • You can teleport to other villages with portals that are part of the same highway network if either…
    • That village has “Highway routing” enabled in settings. (Portals in villages with this setting are considered public and anyone can teleport to them).
    • You are a citizen of the village.
    • You have “pass gates” permission in the village.
  • Rules:
    • Portals need to be at least 10 QL to work.
    • Portals can only be activated on deed that you own or are allowed to manage.
    • Portals must be placed on a relatively flat ground and outside buildings.
    • Portals can’t be placed on bridges.
    • Only 1 portal can be active in a village.
    • You can drag items and lead animals through portals.
    • You can go through a portal riding a vehicle or mount, but you will be dismounted. The mount/vehicle will teleport with you but you’ll have to remount.
    • Passengers will be removed from vehicles when teleporting and will have to teleport manually to follow.