Server update – 18/01/2018

Fixed deeds that have a single quote in the name messing up the town portal window Fixed teleporting vehicles between surface/cave layer not working Town portals are no longer indestructible, but won’t decay on deed and take a really long time otherwise Town portals can now be dyed (using 8kg of dye or rune) Town portals …

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Server Update – 22/12/2017

Cave exit tiles can now be correctly reinforced using materials from cart or inventory. Troll King and Goblin Leader helmets are now improveable. Added new Town Portals – player craftable portals that allow teleporting between deeds on the same highway netwrok. Start by crafting an Inactive town portal (portal+marble brick to start). Place the portal …

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Server Update – 15/12/2017

Fixed the incorrect “item will not leave the server” messages. Bag of Holding spell on items with internal components (like the bulk container unit) will now enlarge the subcontainers.

Server Update – 1/12/2017

Added rift decoration voucher to traders, costs 20s, can be redeemed for decorative rift items. Repeating server notifications will no longer be broadcasted to twitter, reducing the spam there. Added a new christmas gift, but you will have to wait till christmas for more details 😛 Added discord integration with the ingame global chat.

Server Update – 27/10/2017

Updated to WU (compatible with all 1.5.x.x clients) Updated server modloader (fixing issue with some actions) Added Woman vs Snake statue to HotA Voucher