Server Update – 04/07/2017

Updated to WU Clad reinforced walls can be built from cart New trader item – Bridge reconstruction contract – can be used to change the material of a bridge (excluding rope and wood bridges)

Server Update – 30/06/2017

Wooden light (1 handed) spear damage reduced by 20%, speed increased by 25%, parry chance reduced by 70% Metal light (1 handed) spear damage increased by 30%, parry chance reduced by 70% Fixed RoS message in area history. For real this time.

Server Update 20/06/2017

Rite of Spring will now give sleep bonus to all followers of the same deity as the caster, including offline players. Fixed a bug that could be abused to load items on the edge of deeds without load permission. Animal token fixes: Redeeming tokens in caves will no longer teleport the animal to the surface. …

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Server Update 16/06/2017

Dragons difficulty increased a bit Scale and hide drops scaling tweaked, bigger groups will get even more now, while small/solo will get significantly less New creature added: Firecat