Server update – 27/01/2108

  • New area farming system:
    • Can cultivate, sow, farm and harvest an area in one action depending on skill
    • Can harvest and replant in one action – when using this one of the harvested crops will be used to replant the tile
    • To sow an area – put seeds or crops in any container, activate it and right click the ground
    • When harvesting an area – crops will be automatically combined in your inventory
    • Required skills:
      3×3 5×5 7×7
      Cultivate 30 50 70
      Sow 50 70 90
      Farm 30 50 70
      Harvest 50 70 90
      Replant 50 70 90
  • Updated taxidermy mod – fixed issues with displaying animated horse and hell horse trophies.
    • This fix has a side effect that makes normal push/pull/turn keybinds no longer work on animated models, as a work around you can use my action mod to make manual keybinds.

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