Server Update – 02/03/2018

  • New bred unicorns will now have random names (like horses and hell horses, but using a… different generator)
  • Existing bred unicorns can get a random name too, by right clicking them and selecting “Choose a name”
  • Animals that were born in captivity are now easier to breed
  • Crystals of permafrost can now be used on snowman to prolong their life outside the snowy season
  • Crystals of permafrost can now be used on an arcane shard to create another crystal of permafrost
  • Fixed container inventory not updating correctly when placed on a surface
  • Items can now be placed on stone and marble keystones (see here)
  • Preserved corpses can now be painted with dyes
  • Animated corpses will correctly emit light if a glow rune is attached
  • Arcane shards and HotA statues will now be visible from greater distances

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