Trick or Treat!

Ominous gravestones have appeared across the land.
Treats (and tricks!) await brave adventurers that can defeat the monstrosities guarding them!

Lots of new stuff this year:

  • Added ridable magic broom
    • Magic brooms are magical vehicles that can be received from investigating ominous gravestones.
    • You can ride a broom by using “Ride” action when it’s either in your inventory or on the ground.
    • Dismounting from a broom will put it back in your inventory.
    • The broom can be enchanted with Wind of Ages or Blessing of the Dark to increase it’s speed.
    • As the broom is used it’s quality will slowly decrease until it reaches 10 QL at which point it can no longer be used.
  • Added a new journal tier Trick or Treat that awards a set of bat wings and Hollow title
    • Bat wings are a decorative items that can be worn in backpack slot
  • Added decorative skull candle (and infinite magic version)
  • Added 3 types of decorative cauldrons
  • Added 3 decorative pumpkin lamps
  • Added decorative wooden coffin
  • Added witch’s wand – casts illusion on other players (similar to yellow potion)
  • Added Jack O Spider creature to gravestone spawns
  • Witch hats are now improvable with cloth tailoring

Special thanks to Angie for a many of the new models in this update!

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