Server Update – 18/09/2020

Nysa connected

  • Nysa is now connected to the other servers, you can travel there by sailing west from Avalon, or by using “plot course”, or portals
  • “Fresh Start” journal tier can no longer be completed, it will be hidden from your journal if you haven’t finished it

Temple and altars

  • Added Altars mod by Governor and Angie
  • This mod adds a model for the “Temple” epic item that never got a model in the base game
  • Also adds 2 new craftable altars – marble huge altar and sacrificial altar
  • The altars can have items placed on them for decoration

Other changes

  • Stone tree planters recipe fixed to not require pottery bricks
  • Planters from the planters mod can have stuff placed on them
  • The following vanilla items can now have items placed on them:
    • small chest
    • settlement token
    • pillar
    • alchemist cupboard
  • Mable and stone keystones are now decorations and will not go into item piles (you can place stuff on them too)

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