Nysa Server Launch (updated)

I’m happy to announce that a new map named “Nysa” is coming to Otherlands on Friday, August 14th at 17:00 UTC! (13:00 EDT / 10:00 PDT)

Initially the server will be available to new characters only, and you will be starting completely naked. You can read about how to start without anything in wurm here: www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Crude_tools

During the launch period travel and mail to/from Nysa will not be available from existing serves. There will be special unique titles, achievements and other rewards available during that time!

The server will have 5 dragons spawned at launch, once those are killed (or a month passes without them dying) the server will be connected to the rest of the cluster and normal travel will be available by boats and portals.

Web map for Nysa is now available here: https://otherlands.bdew.net/map/nysa/

Character Creation

You can create a character on Nysa by logging to Otherlands PVE Cluster with a new name and picking “Nysa – Freedom PVE (Character creation only)” from the creation screen.

Once created your name will be reserved and you’ll be able to play that character once the server is open.

Special rewards

During the launch period all characters created on Nysa will receive the “Explorer” title and unlock a special “A Fresh Start” journal tier.

A Fresh Start requires the following achievements for completion:

  • Reach 70 FS
  • Visit the Hellmaw Volcano and examine a boulder
  • Complete a mission from one of the gods
  • Equip a magic ring or necklace
  • Reach 90 in any skill
  • Kill a Dragon
  • Kill a Warmaster

If you manage to complete all the above during the launch period you will receive the “Conqueror” title and a supreme blueprint.

The blueprint can be used to begin construction on one item from the following list (that will be guaranteed to be of supreme quality):

  • Large Cart or Wagon
  • Sail Boat or any of the bigger ships
  • Forge or Oven
  • Floor Loom
  • Chicken Coop
  • Guard Tower
  • Altar (wood)
  • Magic Planter (stone)

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