WU 1.7 Update!

Server has been updated to WU – read the full change log here.

Regarding new vanilla features

  • Item Placement (on tables)
    • The new vanilla system was fully integrated with the existing mod
    • You can place items using the mouse with new Place action, or the old way with “Put on top”
    • You can move placed items with normal push/pull/turn etc hotkeys regardless of how they were placed
    • All other features from the mod should continue working as is
  • Archaeology changes (journals)
    • The archaeology journals will continue to work as they did without changes (read Archaeology changes for details)
  • Creature Cages
    • Creature cages are unchanged from vanilla but the token/redeem system for transporting animals will stay in as well. You can choose and use whichever you prefer.

Happy wurming!

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