Server Update – 09/06/2018

  • All archaeology statues now require 40 fragments to assemble
  • New item: crystal of eternal flame
    • Can be created from 20 fragments dropped by fire cats, hell chicks, lava fiends, lava spiders, hell hounds and hell scorps
    • Using the crystal on lamps, lanterns, forges, ovens, etc. will light them up instantly and fuel them magically to the maximum
    • Using on other items will heat them up to glowing hot instantly
  • Crystal of permafrost and crystal of eternal flame have a new model and special effect when placed in world, and are now considered decorations
  • Added achievements for killing hell chicks and firecats
  • Added green garden gnome to traders, old “garden gnome” renamed to “red garden gnome”
    • The color refers to the hat, not the vest
    • Red ones hold a shovel, green ones hold a scythe
  • Valentines can now be planted, will no longer decay in inventory or when planted on deed and can be repaired
  • Fixed archeology logs showing time since founded instead of time since abandoned.


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