Server Update – 06/07/2017

Fixed issue with piping kits disappearing from wells/fountains. Added a message that says a piping kit is installed on examine (It is connected to a water source with some piping.) Note: The fix is not retroactive. If you’ve lost an installed kit and want it back – contact me ingame or open a /support ticket.

Server Update – 04/07/2017

Updated to WU Clad reinforced walls can be built from cart New trader item – Bridge reconstruction contract – can be used to change the material of a bridge (excluding rope and wood bridges)

Custom item issues

Due to a mistake on my part there was a problem with custom items when traveling to/from Avalon. I did some emergency maintenance and fixed all the problems… i hope. If you are still having any issues with items after traveling to/from Avalon – please open a support ticket or contact me.

Server Update – 30/06/2017

Wooden light (1 handed) spear damage reduced by 20%, speed increased by 25%, parry chance reduced by 70% Metal light (1 handed) spear damage increased by 30%, parry chance reduced by 70% Fixed RoS message in area history. For real this time.

WU Beta

New beta for Wurm Unlimited is out on steam! Changes – HERE Test server is currently up. To log into it you’ll need to opt into the beta on steam then select it in the launcher. If you run into any issues please report them on the forum thread.  

Skill rankings added

I’ve added skill ranking pages for both Avalon and the main servers. Information in those pages will be updated every few hours.

Server Update 20/06/2017

Rite of Spring will now give sleep bonus to all followers of the same deity as the caster, including offline players. Fixed a bug that could be abused to load items on the edge of deeds without load permission. Animal token fixes: Redeeming tokens in caves will no longer teleport the animal to the surface. …

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Server Update 16/06/2017

Dragons difficulty increased a bit Scale and hide drops scaling tweaked, bigger groups will get even more now, while small/solo will get significantly less New creature added: Firecat