Server Update – 12/04/2019

  • Healing resistance will now expire much more quickly and stack up to significantly lower times
  • Crates can now sort by QL (thanks TheThing for contributing some code and ideas)
    • All existing crates will have sort toggled off, but new crates will have it on by default
    • Can be toggled just like BSBs
  • All bulk containers that can sort by QL will now show sorted/unsorted status in the name
  • Fishing: Grubs, wurms, twigs and bark can be now always gathered from all tiles of the correct type and without having to wait for the tile to repopulate
  • Caravel base speed increased to be more similar to knarrs
  • The following items can now be waxed to preserve like food:
    • All flower bouquets
    • Rose flower
    • Lavender flower
    • Camellia leaves
    • Wemp plants and fibre

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