WU Update

Server has been updated to WU
Official patch notes: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/169510-patch-notes-1915/
Modded patch notes below (and there’s a lot of them!)

New character creation system

Now when creating a new character on Otherlands you will be presented with a server selection in the same screen as picking your gender. A handy option to skip the new tutorial is included.

General changes

  • All horse / hell horse colors (besides grey / ash) will now provide the same speed bonus as ebony/molten
  • Unicorn foals are now colored like mature unicorns
  • Unicorn foals can be lead without taming/charming by players with 50+ AH/AT
  • Evergreen Twig is now craftable (arcane shard + any sprout)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented redeeming tokens of branded animals while not being in a village

Spell changes (after vanilla priest rework) 

  • Modded rite of spring is removed, new vanilla mechanics used for all rites (you need to pray after cast to get sb and bonus)
  • Drain Life and Smite will continue working as they did before, 1.9 changes don’t apply to the modded version
  • Life Transfer and Essence Drain are both available to WL and BL. Cost is set to 80 on both.
  • Web Armour and Aura of Shared Pain are both available to WL and BL. 
  • New vanilla cleanse is removed as it’s already covered by our Enchant Nature. Our old cleanse (that removes all myc on deed) will continue working as is.
  • Corrupt (the spell formerly known as Fungus) had PVP requirement removed (can be cast on Otherland server)
  • Rite of Death had PVP requirement for full effect removed (will spread myc on Otherland server)

Modified archaeology cache system

  • This replaces the vanilla cache system
  • As you investigate tiles on a deed for which you have a full report you will be making progress towards discovering a cache
  • After each action that adds to your progress you will receive one of the following messages (depending on progress)
    • You feel like you’re on the right path to finding a cache!
    • You feel like you’re making progress to finding a cache!
    • You feel like you’re getting close to finding a cache!
  • After enough investigations have been performed you will receive a hidden cache containing high-value fragments and a mini-token of the village
  • The cache will be placed in front of you and you will get an on screen message. Don’t forget to loot it!
  • You can acquire multiple caches for the same village and unlike vanilla this does not consume the report

Journal changes

  • Added a new journal tier “The Other Lands” – Rewards “Otherlander” title and a fantastic essence of magic
    • Will be unlocked after you complete “Paved With Stone” tier.
  • Paved With Stone (Basic level 3)
    • Removed – Study a tree or bush  
    • Added – Build from a vehicle 
  • On the Highway (Intermediate level 1)
    • Removed – Complete an almanac  
    • Removed – Kill a creature with a catapult 
    • Added – Search a lair 
  • Picking up Speed (Intermediate level 2)
    • Added – Ride a unicorn 
  • The Winding Road (Intermediate level 3)
    • Removed – Win 10 spars 
    • Removed – Ride a unicorn (moved to previous level) 
    • Added – Ride a dark worg 
    • Added – Use a brown potion 
  • Dedication (Priest level 1)
    • Removed – Listen to a sermon 
    • Removed – Link with another priest 
    • Added – Create enchanted grass or mycelium 
  • Approbation (Priest level 2)
    • Removed – Hold 10 sermons 
    • Reward changed, instead of max faith gains per day you will get 20% less penalty to casting from armor. This stacks with shoulderpads and can reduce the penalty to 0. 
  • Benediction (Priest level 3)
    • Removed – Hold 100 sermons 

Fishing changes

  • Players will receive an on screen notification when a fish bites (when rod fishing) or spawns (spear fishing) 
  • Caught fish can be automatically stored
    • When fishing from the ground this will try to store the fish in any keep net that the player has open
    • When fishing from a boat it will try to store in attached keep net, or crates/FSBs for larger ships or ship hold
    • When fishing with a net and none of the above apply the fish will be moved from the net to player inventory
  • Skill gain from fishing increased and will now also come as passive ticks during fishing actions 
  • Spear fishing no longer misses if you click too far from the fish
    • Instead – if you click close you will get a bonus to your skill check
  • Nimbleness cast on spears makes fish with them easier
  • Wind of Ages and Blessing of the Dark casts on rods/spears/nets and their QL make fishing with them faster
  • Fishing timers have been tweaked to be significantly faster (all modes)
  • Lore action will display a detailed report on all that you can currently catch after 40 skill
    • After 60 skill you will be able to look up detailed report on each fish, see what it likes and how it affects your chances
    • Lore action has also been sped up significantly




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