Server Update – 09/11/2018

  • New spell: Feeding Hand
    • Available to all priests at 30 faith, can only be cast on food storage bins
    • FSBs with this spell will automatically keep creatures around them fed if they contain the right type of food
    • Radius is based on cast power – 3×3 at 20+; 5×5 at 40+; 7×7 at 60+; 9×9 at 80+ and so on
    • Grazing animals will not be fed to prevent food waste
  • Fixed items not stacking correctly when putting damaged items into bulk containers that sort by QL
  • Changed moving item from bulk container to normal container so it’s not limited by player inventory space or carry weight
  • Sorting in BSBs and FSBs can now be toggled on and off

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