Server Update – 30/09/2019

New creature: Dark Worg

  • Spawn on rift islands, and rarely from lairs in the rest of the map
  • Aggressive normally, but not to players with 50 Animal Taming and Husbandry, not affected by Fo passive
  • Worgs spawned on rift island might randomly become aggressive regardless of bonuses
  • Can be dominated or tamed, led with a rope and ridden or hitched to a cart
  • Require 35 Body Control to ride
  • Can be bred and have speed traits, randomly generated names
  • Can’t equip saddles, barding or horseshoes but speed traits have stronger effect to compensate
  • Can eat meat or corpses, do not graze

Other Changes

  • Wild Growth spell will now give 1-6 (based on cast power) extra sprouts to the caster’s inventory per affected tree/bush in the cast area
    • If inventory is full no extra sprouts will be created
  • Crystal of Eternal Flame can now be used on already-hot items

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