WU 1.8 Update!

Server has been updated to WU – read the full change log here.

Additional Changes

  • Boats are now significantly faster. Vynora priest bonus to boat speed should be more noticeable
  • New item: Altar of Youth
    • When planted on a deed will slowly rejuvenate all old branded animals bringing them back to “mature” age
    • Needs to be charged with arcane shards, current charge can be seen by examining. Quality affects charging efficiency
    • Created and improved with jewelry smithing and new electrum alloy
  • Village tokens can now be moved by the mayor
    • Activate deed paper and right click ground at the desired location
    • There is no cooldown on moving and no cost
    • Tokens cannot be moved into houses, under bridges or underground
    • Tokens can be moved closer than 5 tiles to the border, but doing so might require buying additional tiles next time the village is resized
  • Village tokens can now be dyed
  • Arcane shards can now be dyed (this will affect emitted light color, not the color of the token itself, like lamps in vanilla)
  • Unique skulls can now be dyed

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