Server Update – 11/08/2018

  • Vessel spell removed from Libila priests, instead they can now fill gems by using “Drain” action
    • To use activate an empty gem and click a creature or your own body
    • Draining converts some amount of health from the target into a stored favor, success chance and power is based on your channeling skill and the difficulty of the creature
    • Draining can kill a creature if it causes enough damage, but will never kill the caster if using on yourself
    • Cannot be used on tamed, dominated, cared-for or hitched creatures or against any creature you would not normally be able to attack
  • Drain Health spell damage rebalanced
    • Base damage increased by 600% but now scales with natural armor of the target
    • Expect to see more damage against weaker creatures and less against stronger ones
    • Can now damage uniques
    • Healing component is unchanged
  • Smite¬†spell damage rebalanced
    • Will cause variable damage based on your channeling skill, the difficulty of the creature and RNG
  • Vesseled gems now show how much favor they hold in the name
  • Fixed taxidermy not handling hell horse colors correctly

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