Server Update – 19/05/2018

CA Help replaced with Help channel connected to discord

  • CA Help channel has been removed, all CAs have been summarily executed for slackerdom
  • New channel called “Help” added, like Global it is shared between all servers and connected to discord (#help)
  • Please refrain from general chatter in Help channel so that the questions don’t get lost in the noise

Other chat changes

  • Added “Info” tab with links to the website and discord. It will also be used for even announcements.
  • Deeds founding and disbanding, unique spawning and dying are now broadcast to global and discord.

Bug Fixes

  • Building from cart will now ignore partial-weight material
  • Ladders can now be planned while mounted (like other floors/roofs)
  • Town portals will no longer remain planted when deactivated
    • This is not retroactive, if you see an inactive portal that can’t be loaded – report it to me

Added new decorative items  (check ingame recipes window for how to make them)

  • hay pile
  • rock a
  • rock b
  • rock c
  • decorative log pile
  • decorative rock shard
  • decorative rock pile
  • decorative slate shard
  • decorative slate pile
  • decorative marble shard
  • decorative marble pile
  • decorative sandstone shard
  • decorative sandstone pile
  • decorative iron ore
  • decorative iron ore pile
  • decorative copper ore
  • decorative copper ore pile
  • decorative gold ore
  • decorative gold ore pile
  • decorative silver ore
  • decorative silver ore pile
  • decorative zinc ore
  • decorative zinc ore pile
  • decorative tin ore
  • decorative tin ore pile
  • decorative lead ore
  • decorative lead ore pile
  • decorative adamantine ore
  • decorative adamantine ore pile
  • decorative adamantine boulder
  • decorative glimmersteel ore
  • decorative glimmersteel ore pile
  • decorative glimmersteel boulder

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