Server Update – 11/05/2018


  • Added decorative pet items
    • Right click a pet leash in your inventory and choose convert, this will give you the pet in item form that can be placed in the world
    • Decorative pets can be freely placed in world, including on tables and other surfaces and behave like items in most regards
    • Vanilla pull/push/turn keybinds don’t work with pets (same issue as taxidermy) – you can make keybinds that work with my action mod or use the context menu
  • Added ability to “merge” archaeology journals
    • Both journals need to be in your inventory, activate one click the other and choose Merge
    • Reports that exist in both journals will be used to fill in missing details from each other
    • Reports that are only in one will be copied over to the other (need blank paper)
  • Added new surfaces to place stuff on
    • High bookshelf
    • Coffer
    • Cupboard
  • Range in which reports provide accurate location has been increased and now scales with archaeology skill
  • Fixed particle effect sticking around town portals when they are deactivated by village disband/resize
  • Randomized town portal teleport location a bit to prevent things (e.g. carts) being stuck on top of each other

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