Server Update – 26/04/2018

  • Goblin Leader has been embiggened and empowered.
  • Drakes and Dragons have also received a slight increase to their damage resistance.
  • Mystery eggs received from unique kills have higher chance of being fantastic.
  • Unicorns are now groomable.
  • Dragging from inventory into a surface that’s placed in world will now put the dragged item on top.
  • Added ability to mass plant and harvest planter racks
    • Pick all – right click a planter rack with harvestable planters,  requires 30 gardening skill.
    • Plant all – activate a container and click a planter rack with empty pots, requires 50 gardening skill.
  • Fixed dragging from BSB into non-container surfaces.
  • Fixed area farming actions working through some fences that shouldn’t have allowed it.

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