Server Update – 10/04/2018

  • Archaeology changes:
    • Reduced the amount of junk fragments you get across the board, with even further reduction at high skills and good tiles
    • In general you will get less junk and more interesting stuff
    • The following fragments will no longer drop at all, if you have any unfinished you can safely throw them into nearest trashcan:
      • All weapon and tool heads/blades
      • All shards
      • All ores
      • Slate/Pottery shingles
      • Nails
      • Ribbons
    • Those changes are not retroactive, existing unidentified shards will still drop whatever they were going to drop
  • “Place” action for putting things on tables and other surfaces renamed to “Put on top”
  • Liquids can no longer be placed¬†on tables and other surfaces without a container to hold them
  • Wood essence can no longer be used on items in BSBs and construction markers
  • Remove veins will no longer give ridiculous timers and amount of materials on some veins (notably sandstone)
  • Anvils (large and small) can no longer be dyed (wasn’t showing the color anyway)
  • New items that can be dyed:
    • Warhammers
    • Light spears (both metal and wood)
    • Backpack
    • All carpets and meditation rugs

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