Server Update – 23/03/2018

  • New creature: Hell Chick
    • Aggressive, easier than a fire cat
    • Does not lay eggs
    • Is a carnivore (eats meat)
  • Fire cat changes:
    • Champion fire cats will now look slightly bigger
    • Fire cats should be easier to dominate
  • New command: /stitles – lets you change sorcery titles and shows what tomes you are missing
  • Magic jewelry can now be toggled on/off in combat
  • Added additional protections for untamed mounts and hitched animals from being attacked. Hitched hell horses shouldn’t get into combat with other players randomly.
  • Added 4 new pets:
    • 3 rare: Charlie, Animated Shard and Hellycorn
    • 1 fantastic: Pink dragon
    • List of all the pets is now on the pet page
  • Fixed pets sometimes staying in the world when the owner logs off
  • Fixed animated black sheep/ram corpses looking white

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